Alce Nero

Inka Food ApS has a close collaboration with Italian brand Alce Nero, the first Italian company that combined organic agricultural techniques with the most advanced research in environmental health.

Alce Nero was established in the seventies, when a group of young people wanted to revolutionize agricultural production with a new organic farming without use of chemical fertilizers and weed killers – all out of respect for the human, the earth and the environment.

The young farmers began by growing grain crops, which was transformed into semolina, giving rise to the first Alce Nero product: pasta!  Since then the company has expanded the product range with anything from extra-virgin olive oil to rice, pesto, honey and bisquits.

Additionally Alce Nero offers a wide range of Fair Trade products from Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru and India where all the partner producers, guided by Fairtrade principles, are all committed to producing food that is delicious, clean and right.

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Inka Food cooperates with premium chocolate brand NelleUlla from Latvia.
NelleUlla offers a beautiful symphony of colourful chocolate truffles inspired by the Nordic forests. The truffles are made of the best Belgian truffles, filled with wonderful cream fillings with fruits, berries, nuts and herbs, and decorated with freeze dried berries, herbs and flowers.

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Inka Food ApS collaborates with Californian brand Numi, the biggest supplier of organic tea in the United States.

Numi excels in production of super-premium, organic Fair Trade certified teas, produced with 100% natural ingredients.

The founders and siblings Ahmed and Reem Rahim, want to inspire well being of both body and mind through the simple art of tea.

The company is rooted in the principle of creating a healthful product that nurtures people and honors the planet. With all company initiatives, Numi strive to foster a healthy, thriving global community while bringing the purest, best-tasting organic tea to the consumer.

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Due Vittorie

Inka Food ApS collaborates with Italian brand Due Vittorie, which specializes in production of traditional, aromatic quality balsamic.

Surrounded by the company’s own vineyards, Due Vittorie lives in the provincial city Soliera in Northern Italy Modena – the origin area of balsamic vinegar.

Due Vittorie is famous for its 100% natural Oro Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP, which has been the best selling balsamic in Italy for the last 3 years. Aceto Balsamico de Modena IGP is a protected name, which may only be used if the product has the correct origin and has been produced by the original way of production.

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The Fresh Olive Company

Inka Food ApS collaborates with British brand The Fresh Olive Company, which has brought a bit of the Mediterranean sun to the UK for the last 20 years.

The company’s journey began when founder, George Bennell, imported jars of marinated olives from Provence, and sold them to local markets in London and Oxford, where the customers were hungry for an authentic taste of the Mediterranean.

The project quickly gained success and since then the brand has developed their range of products with everything from exciting specialty oils to exquisite pastes and balsamic pearls under the name of BELAZU.

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Inka Food ApS now represents the Austrian organic label Verival, which is one of the world’s leading producers of organic foods.
Verival’s story began in 1984 when E. Perlinger established one of the first organic production companies in Austria, and since then the company has only grown bigger.

Verival excel in producing delicious and crispy, hand-blended organic granola, made with the highest quality ingredients.

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Pan Ducale

Inka Food ApS cooperates with Pan Ducale, which is one of Italy’s largest exporters of high quality bisquits and pastry.

The company’s history began in 1966 when founder Pasquale D’Amario began producing the famous Pan Ducale cake after an old, original family recipe and sold it in his own café in the main square in the town of Atri in the Abruzzi region.

When the demand grew Pasquale D’Amario and his wife chose to leave the café and devote themselves to a focused production of the Pan Ducale cake.  Since then the range has developed and today Pan Ducale manufactures a various range of high quality cakes and bisquits, all of which are produced after original Italian recipes.

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Inka Food ApS cooperates with Italian company Vicenzi Group, which has focused on producing the very best Italian bicquits since 1905, especially targeted the consumer who appreciates high-end quality and taste.

Inka Food ApS has specially handpicked the brand Grisbi that offers filled crispy pastry cookies with exquisite taste of citrus, coffee, chocolate and cappuccino.

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Elle Esse

Inka Food ApS represents the Italian brand Elle Esse.
Since 1948 the brand has been producing the most exquisite truffle products from the wooded Umbrian hills.

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Inka Food ApS collaborates with the Italian company Sapori, which is one of the most well known manufacturers of the famous Panforte cake. The cake is particularly served for Christmas and other holidays, where an exquisite cake and a glass of bubbly champagne can help make the holiday something very special.

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Costa d’Oro

Inka Food ApS cooperates with the famous family business, Costa d’Oro, which is Italy’s leading olive oil producer.

The two families Sabitini and Santiros founded Costa d’Oro in the medieval town Spoleto, in the green heart of Umbria.

Costa d’Oro is a flexible high quality state-of-the-art company, which in addition to producing their own products, also produces Private Brand products in countless flavours and packaging.

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