Own brands


Since the very beginning it has been a central goal for Inka Food ApS to develop and expand the Vanilla market by offering exciting new vanilla products to the Scandinavian consumer.

Since 2005 Inka Food ApS has launched a wide range of aromatic vanilla products in private brand packaging, which includes everything from rich vanilla beans from Madagascar, Tahiti, Polynesia and Mexico to liquid bourbon vanilla extract and premium vanilla and cinnamon sugar

Dried mushrooms

Inka Food ApS is proud to be the leading Danish importer of exquisite dried mushrooms that are all EU certified and comes in Inka Food’s own private brand packaging.

The mushroom portfolio ranges from rare morels to exquisite chanterelles, mild porcini mushrooms and delicate oyster mushrooms.

Additionally Inka Food ApS offers the opportunity of developing Private Brand products for your company.

Bisquit and cakes

Inka Food ApS has a special fondness for cake and bakery goods – and especially the traditional ones.

Inka Food ApS treasure the traditional Danish pastries from Jutland that enrich every tea or coffee table, why Inka Food ApS is passionate about offering and developing the absolute best of its kind.

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